Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

As a vital investment arm of the Ministry of Planning. AYADY aims at connecting the private and public sectors through seeding investments in small and medium enterprises.

We believe that businesses at every stage of development are important for economic growth. At Ayady, we are committed to supporting the growth of SMEs through execution of strategies, building capacities and attaining scalability.

We are focused on achieving Egypt’s 2030 vision and taking steps towards achieving sustainable development goals through generating employment opportunities, adopting specific business practices that ensures equality, focusing on sectors that provide basic needs to the Egyptian population and creating impact on the broader economy.

As a renowned investment arm that has been entrusted by the Ministry of Planning and several reputable institutions to achieve their preset goals, we are determined to operate in a transparent manner that gives confidence to or shareholders in the decision making and management process of the company.

2020 marks the year of unprecedented challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic, yet we remained determined to do our best in reaching all our goals. If it taught us anything, it is that resilience and adaptability are the defining characteristics of businesses success. We believe that in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunities.

Mr. Osama Saleh