Tamweely Microfinance

Founded in 2017, Tamweely Microfinance is a non-banking organization that empowers young entrepreneurs, women and craftsmen through providing financing for micro and small enterprises. Enlightened with the belief in the tremendous potentials of Egyptian individuals in initiating employment opportunities for themselves and others, Tamweely now operates through more than 40 branches serving more than 66k customers.

Tamweely aims to empower MSMEs in Egypt seeking non-banking financial support. The company is an investment endeavor that AYADY launched with the purpose of financial inclusion targeting to grant businesses the accessibility to products and services of financial institutions in its various forms at reasonable cost and sustainable dynamic. This venture also seeks to formalize the sector and offer different services to an underserved sector that represents a staggering 60% of the Egyptian economy.

Tamweely Microfinance takes serious actions in the alleviation of Egyptian poverty and the growth of sustainable employment opportunities. These actions are strategically taken through comprehensive and in-depth solutions, introduced in the form of market-focused financial services, hybrid distribution channels, focused partnerships and more.