AYADY Strategy Path

Since its inception, AYADY’s mission has been to act as an Economically-driven vehicle aiming to identify problem areas in Egypt and addressing them effectively to endorse development, with Egypt’s rural area, being a focal point; to alleviate living standards in the countryside and meet the needs of the affected people. This goes in line with the company’s vision to offer a better Egypt for future generations.

Focused mainly on Investment and Development with major interest in both Private and Public types of ventures; AYADY continuously targets direct investments with the aim of generating a high impact of employment while encouraging private sector participation to invest alongside with AYADY and a key mission of fund raising both from Egypt and abroad. To ensure success and to increase its sources of revenue, AYADY seeks to diversify its activities across different asset classes such as investing in companies at growth stage; accessing un-utilized entities and encouraging Greenfield investments managed by private sector partners. These strategies will aid AYADY to build up a pipeline of potential investment opportunities.

Besides initiating its own opportunities and engaging in projects from ground zero wherever possible; AYADY also acts as a BRIDGE between the Private and Public sector in the sense that the public sector usually lacks the appropriate Go-To-Market model. The public sector may plan projects beneficial to society but usually faces deficiencies operating them. The private sector on the other hand (usually) acts in a totally proprietary manner with limited flexibility in coordinating with public entities or stakeholders; usually due to a lack of confidence in the bureaucratic approach of government authorities. Thus AYADY acts as the middle man and facilitates the cooperation between both sectors. Acting as the bridge; AYADI links both parties together and introduces dynamic methods and modern tools of operation and provides solutions in the form of tangible and feasible ideas for successful investment projects, guaranteed to achieve a high return on investment (ROI).

As an important factor of its strategy; AYADI is not necessarily all about investing in the formation of new projects. According to its clear cut policies; most existing or ‘paralyzed’ projects are solid ground for more investment effective ideas; provided that they are put on track with a proper operations framework. Therefore, a large portion of AYADI’s investments are based on financing already existing operations in stages of financial struggle or that have stopped operations due to lack of funds. AYADI in this case intervenes and with a proper and effective scheme of finance and relevant advisory services; to successfully revive this entity.

A key focus complementing the existence of AYADI is their obvious approach directed towards projects that complement the Egypt 2030 Vision; specifically the socio economic types of projects that aim to improve the living standard of the average Egyptian citizen