AYADY Business Principles

AYADY began operations in March 2015. To ensure successful business endeavors since its official launch in December 2014, AYADY sought to establish long-term prosperous partnerships with different entities in Egypt’s governorates as well as consolidating relations with the public and private sectors. Working to maintain a balance between Investment and Development, AYADY aims to be the main partner for investment opportunities in Egypt’s governorates.

Capitalizing on its solid investments expertise; AYADY plans to target 5 – 7 deals per annum with an average investment size of up to 10% of the paid up capital and an investment horizon of 5 - 7 years.

AYADY’s desire is to invest in a multi sector environment, especially the ones that require a large amount of labor force and development. The aim is to generate employment opportunities and therefore facilitating the prosperity of SME’s. Such sectors include the Industrial, Agricultural, Tourism and a Services sectors.

To achieve its goals, AYADY’s team compiles a database of potential investments in the governorates to highlight opportunities and attract funds and expertise to capitalize on the comparative advantages of each region.

While these are the principal areas of focus, AYADY engages in a broad range of investment activities and sector diversification and has the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of asset classes. Across this investing spectrum, its primary objective is to build an investment portfolio focused on long-term capital appreciation.