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AYADY for Investment and Development

AYADY began operations in March 2015. To ensure successful business endeavors since its official launch in December 2014, AYADY sought to establish long-term prosperous partnerships with different entities in Egypt’s governorates as well as consolidating relations with the public and private sectors. Working to maintain a balance between Investment and Development, AYADY aims to be the main partner for investment opportunities in Egypt’s governorates.

Capitalizing on its solid investments expertise; AYADY plans to target 5 – 7 deals per annum with an average investment size of up to 10% of the paid up capital and an investment horizon of 5 - 7 years.

AYADY’s desire is to invest in a multi sector environment, especially the ones that require a large amount of labor force and development. The aim is to generate employment opportunities and therefore facilitating the prosperity of SME’s. Such sectors include the Industrial, Agricultural, Tourism and a Services sectors.

The linkage with Egypt's vision 2030

Integration with the social and the economical satisfaction - with a clear aim  to raise the economic growth rate in different economic regions; in order to reach a tangible increase of the   individual’s share in the GDP.