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AYADY for Investment and Development was established in March 2015 as an economic private investment entity aspiring to stimulate investments and promote development in Egypt. The main purpose for establishing AYADY is to achieve economic growth throughout the country in order to improve living standards for Egyptians. AYADY aims to accomplish this is by tapping into attractive projects that contribute to the creation of economically beneficial ventures all over Egypt and ensure high returns on investment.

Out of a desire to build a ‘Better Egypt’, a top notch caliber with a broad vision joined forces to contribute to the national development by putting together the framework for AYADY; an initiation that would add value to Egypt’s economy by creating productive economic and service oriented projects aiming to achieve high development – Hence creating employment opportunities – with impact across Egypt and its different governorates. With this vision, AYADY emerged as the Catalyst for this groundbreaking change.

Under the rubric, “Vision for Sustainable Development” AYADY was founded to motivate local development and boost employment by targeting to invest in economically viable projects; thus facilitating the growth and development of existing SMEs as well as contributing to the establishment of new ones.

AYADY is now governed by a Board of Directors composed of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in all sectors who run it according to international investment norms.

Although not a (pure) governmental entity; this patriotic enterprise was positively acknowledged by the Egyptian Authorities and was thus launched in collaboration between the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Local Development and under the patronage of several other governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Endowment (the Egyptian Awqaf Authority) and the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Youth.

Besides the stakeholders who injected the capital to establish AYADY; the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), the Federation of the Egyptian Chambers of Commerce and the Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association all cooperated to activate AYADY and are true sponsors of AYADY’s activities.

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AYADY's projects are fully integrated with the Egypt 2030 Development Vision in an aim to stabilize the overall economic situation overall, to achieve confinement and sustainable growth, to increase competitively diversity and relying on the knowledge, to maximize the added value, to enable Egypt to become a player in the global economy able to adapt to global changes, to provide decent and productive employment opportunities, to raise the share capital of the individual in Egypt in the real GDP to the ranks of high-income countries, and finally to integrate the informal sector in the economy.